# How to become trustnode candidate

This document describes how to become a TrustNode in the GXChain network.

# Steps

  1. Upgrade to trustnode candidate in online wallet
  2. Run trustnode

# 1.Create TrustNode

# Buy Lifetime Subscription

Download the latest version of light wallet,or visitOnline Wallet (opens new window), following below steps to buy lifetime subscription。

# Become TrustNode Candidate

Click on "Become TrustNode Candidate" to upgrade to a trustnode candidate in one key press.


To create a TrustNode, you need to burn a broadcast fee of 1.5 GXC and mortgage 10,000 GXC. Please confirm that the account balance is greater than 10001.5 GXC.

After the TrustNode is created, check its witness_id. When starting the public node program, you need to bring this parameter.

# Find witness_id

Witness id is the id of TrustNode, after you become a TrustNode candidate, you can find your witness_id in the page.


witness_id would be a parameter when you launch a witness_node

# 2.Deployment

  • System: Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, 4.4.0-63-generic
  • Memory: 32 GB+
  • Disk: 200 GB+


  • install ntp
sudo apt-get install ntp
  • install libstdc++-7-dev
apt-get update
apt-get install software-properties-common
add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
apt-get update
apt-get install libstdc++-7-dev
  • if you want to run the witness_node with plugins, you should install libcurl3
apt-get install libcurl3 -y

Download the latest version of TrustNode

curl 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gxchain/gxb-core/dev_master/script/gxchain_install.sh' | bash

Start TrustedNode

./programs/witness_node/witness_node --data-dir=trusted_node -w '"1.6.10"' \
--private-key '["GXC73Zyj56MHUEiCbWfhfJWjXAUJafGUXmwGeciFxprU5QEv9mhMU", "5Jainounrsmja4JYsgEYDQxpNYmMj98FRVSPhz2R7Pg8yaZh9Ks"]' &

Parameter introduction

  • --data-dir block data storage
  • -w witness_id
  • --private-key [active_public_key, active_private_key] The above two parameters must be correct, otherwise it will affect the block production.
  • & daemon mode

It takes about 24 hours to fully synchronize the block. You can view the block synchronization progress through the background log file witness_node_data_dir/logs/witness.log, and visit the [Block Explorer] (https://block.gxb.io/) to view the latest block. .

Generated block #367 with timestamp 2017-08-05T20:46:30 at time 2017-08-05T20:46:30

# 3. View the public letter node out of the block reward

If elected as an active public node, each package will have a corresponding GXC reward. The block reward will be deposited into the account's pending balance, and you need to apply for it. You can view and claim the reward through PC wallet or web wallet.