# Clients

# Cli

We introduced how to download and install in Getting started with GXChain

After the command line wallet cli_wallet waits for the node synchronization to complete, start the command line wallet in the root directory. Click to cli_wallet Introduce

# Light Wallet

Client Link Github
PC Mainnet (opens new window)Testnet (opens new window) gxchain/gxb-light (opens new window)
Mobile Download (opens new window) gxchain/gxs-wallet (opens new window)

# GXClient

To conveniently call gxchain api, we encapsulated gxclient and implements the following functions:

Client Link
gxclient-node gxchain/gxclient-node (opens new window)
gxclient-ios gxchain/gxclient-ios (opens new window)
gxclient-java gxchain/gxclient-java (opens new window)
gxclient-php gxchain/gxclient-php (opens new window)
gxclient-c# gxchain/gxclient-c# (opens new window)


Commit Feature Request and Pull Request to contribute more methods Feature Request (opens new window)Pull Request (opens new window)