# Deploy, Call, and Update

# Smart Contract IDE

# 1. register account

Access test-net online wallet (opens new window) and refegister a wallet account

# 2. Claim test-net Token

After registration is completed, claim test-net token(use browser to access https://testnet.gxchain.org/gxc/get_token?your_account_name, Please replace your_account_name with your test web wallet account name)

# 3. IDE download

With the IDE, you can write, compile, deploy, and call the smart contract.

click download (opens new window)

# 4. Import account

Go to Online Wallet (opens new window) in Step 1 to find your own active permission private key.

Open the client again and import the account on the settings page.


The password will not be uploaded to the server, if you forget it ,you should remove the account and re-import

# 5. Select project template

# 6. Compile

# 7. Deploy

Need to unlock the wallet before deploying the contract

# 8. Call

Like deploying the contract, you also need to unlock your wallet first.

# Cli_wallet

# 1. GXChain source code compilation

If you don't want to use smart contract IDE tools, or want to build a more stable and reliable compilation environment; you can compile GXChain program locally, compile, deploy, and call smart contracts through command line; You can compile GXChain source code on ubuntu system and mac system.

# 2. Create a contract by using a template

Create a helloworld contract with the gxx tool

gxx -n helloworld

# 3. Compile the contract, generate wast and abi

Compile the contract and generate wast and wasm files

gxx -o helloworld/helloworld.wast helloworld/helloworld.cpp

Generate abi file

gxx -g helloworld/helloworld.abi helloworld/helloworld.cpp

# 4. Deploy contract

Need to start cli_wallet, connect local node or remote testnet node

./programs/cli_wallet/cli_wallet -swss://testnet.gxchain.org --chain-id c2af30ef9340ff81fd61654295e98a1ff04b23189748f86727d0b26b40bb0ff4

Import wallet private key

# If it is a new wallet, you need to set an unlock password, here is 'mylocalpassword'

new >>> set_password mylocalpassword

# Unlock
locked >>> unlock mylocalpassword

# Import wallet private key
unlocked >>> import_key your_account_name your_private_key

# Deploy contract,the name of the contract is 'helloworld',the sender is 'your_account_name', '0' and '0' are vm type and vm version,'./helloworld' is the path of the wast/abi file and the 'GXC'means a kind of asset.
unlocked >>> deploy_contract helloworld your_account_name 0 0 ./helloworld GXC true

# 5. Call contract

After the contract is deployed successfully, you can call the contract using the call_contract interface.

unlocked >>> call_contract nathan helloworld null hi "{\"user\":\"zhuliting\"}" GXC true

# 6. Update contract

// 'hello120301' is contract name
unlocked >>> update_contract hello120301 zhao-123 /Users/zhaoxiangfei/code/contracts_work/example_contract_02/helloworld GXC true