The testnet is the external test environment of GXChain with the same parameters as the main chain.

Testnet can provide developers:

  • Apply token on testnet
  • Test Client
  • Experience the latest features
  • Participate in GXChain development
  • Project development, Contract debugging
Testnet Configuration
Access point (built in test network wallet) wss://testnet.gxchain.org
Seed node (specified when the node starts) testnet.gxchain.org:6789
Smart contract compilation services (configured in the IDE) https://testnet.gxx.gxchain.org
Block explorer https://testnet.explorer.gxchain.org
Online wallet https://testnet.wallet.gxchain.org
Faucet https://testnet.faucet.gxchain.org


Currently, there is only one node. Community developer contribution nodes can join the testnet and apply for witnesses.

1. Register an account

Visit the TestNet Online Wallet,register wallet account

2. Apply Token on Testnet

After registration, click to apply token on testnet

3. Download

The latest program

curl 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gxchain/gxb-core/dev_master/script/gxchain_testnet_install.sh' | bash

4. Download testnet-genesis.json

wget http://gxb-package.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/gxb-core/genesis/testnet-genesis.json -O genesis.json

About genisis.json

  • genisis.json is the genesis file
  • Each chain has a unique genesis.json
  • genesis.json specifies the configuration information necessary for the genesis block and initialization parameters for node startup
  • Any change in a character will result in a different chain_id
  • A different chain_id will result in an inability to communicate with seed_node
  • Therefore: do not change genisis.json, unless you want to run a Private-hain

5. Start node

./programs/witness_node/witness_node --data-dir=testnet_node --rpc-endpoint="" --p2p-endpoint="" --seed-nodes='["testnet.gxchain.org:6789"]' --genesis-json genesis.json &

At present the testnet data volume is not large, can support the entire node. The block synchronization progress can be viewed through the background log file testnet_node/logs/witness.log. Once the block synchronization is complete, you can run command line wallet cli_wallet.

6. Connect to TestNet via cli_wallet

./programs/cli_wallet/cli_wallet -sws://  -r --data-dir=testnet_node --chain-id c2af30ef9340ff81fd61654295e98a1ff04b23189748f86727d0b26b40bb0ff4
Last Updated: 9/30/2018, 5:30:53 PM